About... things.

About Me

I am not an artist. As a matter of fact I'm not very good at drawing at all. I do, however, enjoy drawing Ninja Turtles. At least enough to do one picture a day.

I currently live in Austin, TX with my wife, our corgi, Master Samwise the Brave, and our bitch-cat, Mirabelle.

I play a lot of playstation (though not as much as I might) and I am a fan of all things nerdy.

My favorite turtle is Donatello


About the Blog

I started seeing friends and people on the internet doing "doodle-a-day" challenges and things of that sort. After another friend bought a doodle book (which I mistakenly heard as "doo-doo book" because I'm 12 apparently) I thought, "Hey I could do that for a year!" I'm not much of an artist, but I've been drawing Ninja Turtles since I was 5 some I'm pretty sure I'm at least adequate at it by now.

My original goal for this blog was to draw a new Ninja Turtle-themed picture every day for a year. I'm not sure how long I really intend to do it now. It might be less than a year, it might be a lot longer than a year. I try to post each picture the same day I draw it, but I can't promise it'll always happen. Updates are whenever I can do them so check back often.

**Update** Guess what? Five and a half months. That's how long I drew a new picture every day. Then I took a break. Like a three month break. But now I'm drawing again. So the new plan for the blog is to post a picture whenever I can. This is mostly so I don't burn myself out, but also so you fine folks get some quality entertainment instead of just another generic turtle face. I realize the site is called "Turtle A Day" and the banner says a new drawing every day, but I'm going to ignore that and do what I want because I can.