Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 148: Donatello Occupies the Internet

This blog post is not a political statement and has nothing at all to do with the Occupy Wall Street or associated Occupy movements. I don't give a shit about your political views and although I occasionally touch on more serious things in this blog, this is most definitely not one of those times. I don't care if you agree, disagree or want to firebomb the whole country for making you listen to coverage about it. This post is about me and a friend making a joke. That is all.
-------------------****END DISCLAIMER****-------------------

From time to time (read: all the time) my friend, Shaun, and I tend to start a joke on Facebook or Twitter and just run with it for our own entertainment. Today we started a conversation with our friend Mandy that turned into something completely ridiculous and we took it probably too far, but it was hilarious to us.

As you may know from previous mentions Mandy runs a blog called Chocolate & Cream Cake, and it's filled with lots of nerdy, crafty and, often, girly things. I quite enjoy reading it and she's got a pretty decent sized readership. She's usually my go to friend for blog related questions and all things grammar.

Shaun also runs a blog, Where's My Pell Check?, about working in the financial aid field, and as you know I run this blog. Our blogs combined don't meet Mandy's number of hits for a week and we like to joke about it from time to time. When Mandy posted a tweet about a problem editing her blog I had to respond. Here's an abbreviated collection of the Twitter conversation the three of us had. My picture for today was an image I tweeted to Mandy after Shaun send her his first picture.

Read it top to bottom, left image first. The embedded images can be found below, numbered 1-4




So, yeah, Shaun and I started a fake occupy movement based around Mandy's blog (or a weekly feature: Nerd News) and then snuck over to her apartment at 11 O'clock at night and staged a protest. We were very quiet so as not to alert Mandy or her husband that we were there and my wife took pictures which she later posted in an album on her facebook. These pictures don't show it, but we even brought sleeping bags and pretended to be camped out in front of Mandy's door. It was all very funny to everyone involved.

There you have it. The complete story of the Occupy Nerd News movement.

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  1. HI-larious. :P

    (But no, really, you guys are the best.)