Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 155: It Isn't Easy Being Green.. Unless You're a Turtle and a Ninja, Then It's Awesome.

Last night we saw the new Muppet movie. I used to watch The Muppet Show in reruns when I was a kid and I even watched Muppet Babies at some point in my life as a child. I guess you could say I like the Muppets, but I've never been an obsessive fan about them like a lot of people seem to pretend to be. I mean, you won't see me wearing a Hot Topic Kermit the Frog backpack anytime soon, but I think the show was pretty funny.

That being said, I really enjoyed the movie. It was funny, self-referencing (am I using that right? probably not) and the songs were pretty great. Musically it was pretty great having Bret from Flight of the Conchords on board to write the songs and supervise that side of the production. Some of the songs have a definite "Conchords" vibe to them.

Overall it was just a fun movie with some funny gags, some heartfelt moments and a lot of nostalgia. I probably wouldn't have seen it if my wife didn't really want to go, but I'm glad I did, if only because I got to watch Amy Adams for 103 minutes.

For my picture I drew the Turtles singing along with Kermit. I figure they can all relate to the whole "being green" thing.

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