Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 150: Leonardo and Axe Cop Are on a Team!

*This is part 2 of 3 in my Web Comics series.

One of my favorite things on the internet are web comics. I'm a big fan of the comic medium, but I don't really read comic books regularly. It can be prohibitively expensive to keep up with them, and there are so many out there it's hard to know what to read. Most of the comics that my wife and I do read are ones that we've borrowed from friends. That's why I love web comics so much. They're free, (usually) update pretty regularly and a lot of them are as good, if not better, than most of what's in print right now.

The internet allows people to post their own material without first running it through a gauntlet of producers and editors who might change it into something they think people want. While that's not always a good thing occasionally it leaves you with something amazing that you never would have seen in a comic book store.

I really only follow four web comics regularly so I've decided to do a post about three of them (the fourth is kind of a tie-in).


Axe Cop is, without a doubt, one of the most hilarious and unique pieces of... well, anything, that I've ever seen. If you've never heard of it the premise is simple: Comic book writer and artist Ethan Nicolle was playing with his 5 year-old brother, Malachai, and he decided to turn it into a comic strip. He posted them for his friends and family to laugh at and it became an overnight sensation. Almost two years later the web comic is still going strong and has even been given two print collections of the web material and one print-only miniseries (with another coming in the future).

I can't remember laughing as hard at almost anything as I did when I first discovered Axe Cop. These story lines are something only a child could think up and it's a lot of fun to read the comic and remember playing like this when I was little.

I've been following it online since almost the first page, but I could never get my wife to read it because she said she doesn't have time to keep up with web comics. I finally got the first web collection as a gift and she no longer had an excuse. It took her maybe a week to go through it and she literally kept me awake laughing while reading in bed.

If you haven't read any Axe Cop stores yet, do yourself a favor and just start from the beginning. They're not exactly dense content-wise, being written by a 5-6 year-old, but they will make you laugh.

I'm pretty happy with this picture. To be honest I copied the picture of Axe Cop, but I'm not a great copier so it turned out pretty good. It's in black and white because most of the Axe Cop comics are in black and white. I think Axe Cop would be on a team with all of the Turtles, but I decided just to go with Leo on this one since he's their leader.


Ethan Nicolle has another web comic called Bearmageddon. It's a bit more adult than Axe Cop, but so far it's been really good. Basically it is what it sounds like; bears go crazy and attack people. At some point we're going to start seeing some genetically mutated bears, too, so I'm excited for that. If you don't read it already you should start now. It's just now getting to the first bear attacks so it's a perfect time to start from the beginning and catch up.

The reason I'm not doing a separate picture for Bearmageddon is because I kind of already did one when I drew Raphael fighting a bear.

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