Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 168: Donatello Rents... A Ford Fiesta?

As you probably know I was in an accident about two weeks ago. As of right now I still don't know what's going to happen to my car so I've been in a rental car since last Wednesday. The first car they gave me was a Nissan Versa, which wasn't too bad. It was pretty comparable to my car, but newer. The only problem was that it smelled like cigarette smoke on the inside. Since we'll be driving the rental to Phoenix for Christmas I called yesterday to change out the car.

When I got there the agent told me the only thing they had in that size was a Ford Fiesta. Mentally I made a "yuck" face, but whatever. It's just a car, and it's not like I'll be driving it forever. When he took me outside to inspect it I was surprised to see that Ford has made some changes to their Fiesta. It no longer looks like a piece of cheap shit. Actually, it doesn't look half-bad at all. Plus it's got better acceleration than the Versa did and a much bigger trunk. So far I've quite enjoyed driving the new improved Fiesta, even though it is bright yellow.

If you've been following this blog for any length of time you probably know that cars are one of the many things I'm not good at drawing with any sort of accuracy. I actually drew this picture while sitting in the Ford Fiesta, and it still doesn't really look much like the actual car at all. Here's a picture of what this thing really looks like.

The inside isn't too shabby. Nothing crazy, but it's nice. It has a USB port and an auxiliary jack which is nice. It even has fancy floor lighting in like 7 different colors. Last night while driving around my wife kept playing with the floor lighting and I had to tell her to knock it off. I told her we installed that switch so she could turn the lights on and off, not have a floor-light switch rave. She told me the colored floor lights are the "Fiesta" part of the car.

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