Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 62: Donatello Give Master Samwise a Bath

Just to be clear Master Samwise is my dog's name. Master Samwise the Brave to be exact. It's a name that turned out to be quite ironic, but it's his name nonetheless. I drew Donatello giving him a bath because, given the choice, I would be Donatello, and my dog needs a bath because he stinks. Maybe I'll do it today, or maybe tomorrow while my wife is at rehearsals. We'll see. Sam handles baths pretty well. He usually gets excited about them because he knows he gets treats if he's good, but while he's in the water he just kind of tolerates it. He might occasional act like he's going to climb out, but he'd never actually do it. He's a corgi; he only stands 12 inches high or so. He can't even see over the side of the tub.

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