Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 73: Artists Rendering of My ACL Experience

I drew this at around 11:30pm after getting home from the last day of ACL. This is pretty much how I was feeling at that point. The festival was awesome and we had a great time, but it was exhausting. I won't go into a full retelling of all three days, but I will post a few highlights.

Here are all the acts we watched at least a little bit of:

  • Delta Spirit
  • Big Boi (from Outkast)
  • Bright Eyes
  • Sara Bareilles
  • Kanye West
  • The Warrior Gospel Band
  • The Antlers
  • Young the Giant
  • City and Colour
  • Iron & Wine
  • Skrillex
  • Cee Lo Green
  • Stevie Wonder
  • MilkDrive
  • WAX
  • Mariachi El Bronx
  • The Head and the Heart
  • Death From Above 1979
  • Fleet Foxes
  • Arcade Fire
First I have to mention that my flag was hugely popular. All day long I constantly got compliments on it and people approached me asking for pictures. It was pretty awesome and it made me feel pretty proud of my flag.

The first day was pretty nice as far as the weather was concerned. It rained on us walking in and stayed pretty cool and cloudy all day. The highlight of the first day (and of the whole festival as far as I'm concenred) was Bright Eyes. We've seen Connor Oberst perform probably five or six times now and I was kind of telling myself I wasn't all that excited because I've seen him so many times, but as soon as the show started I got sucked into it energy of it. Bright Eyes is always a good show and this was no different. Later that night we chose to watch Kanye West over Coldplay and I'm glad we did. Whether you like his music or not Kanye is definitely a showman.

The second day rained pretty heavily for a little bit, and then continued to drizzle for a few hours. The weather was nice and cool again and we got to see a lot of great sets. Cee Lo Green was pretty entertaining, but the highlight of day two was definitely Stevie Wonder's two hour set. I'm not a big Stevie Wonder fan, but you can't help but dance and sing along when he's on stage.

Day three was hot. Maybe not as hot as it has been in past years, but compared to the first two days it was terrible. We started the day with an awesome punk/mariachi band from LA and then watched a bit of The Head and the Heart before deciding to go relax at one of our favorite restaurants, Shady Grove. My brother, my wife and I walked down and enjoyed some nachos and air conditioning. After we went back to festival the wife and I laid out our blanket in the covered sand pit and took a bit of a nap. When we woke up we watched Death From Above 1979 which was maybe the only legitimate heavy rock band at the festival. We watched a few songs and then headed over to watch Fleet Foxes and then made our way through the crowd to get a good spot for Arcade Fire. I like Arcade Fire, but wasn't particularly excited for them. My wife on the other hand has been looking forward to seeing them for months. They put on an excellent show and it was a lot of fun to be in the crowd for.

After all three days we were all feeling pretty run down, but it was a lot of fun and I'd go every year if I could.

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