Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 68: Sad Raphael (TMNT meme # 1)

I know I'm already behind with the posts (as usual it seems) but the next few posts will be kind of light. Don't expect anything longer than a few sentences and the pictures will probably be pretty sparse. I'm working on a project that will (hopefully) be amazing and I need to finish in the next two days. Time is pretty short, but I feel like I can get it done. I'll definitely we posting a blog on my project assuming it turns out alright. If not I'll probably never mention it again and you will forever wonder what I was talking about.

For today's picture I draw a TMNT version of an internet meme. Actually, I think I'll make this a running project. All the turtles will get their own memes. Today is Raphael doing his best "Sad Keanu" impersonation.

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