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Day 76: The (Turtle) Gang Kicks Ass at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Trivia *UPDATED*

I had to change the title of this post. It was originally titled "The (Turtle) Gang Loses at It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Trivia." I wrote the first part of this post before we went to the trivia contest and the last part after we got home.

So today is a big day for us--us being me, my wife and our friend Shaun. Today is the Geeks Who Drink It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Pub Trivia Challange, hosted by our very own good friends John Smith and James Pound. Why are we so excited, you ask? Well, stupid, because It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of our favorite TV shows and we're going to kick ass! (I hope)

About a year ago I had to go to Singapore for a month for my job. Singapore's not a big place and I figured during that month I would probably have some down time so I downloaded all five seasons of It's Always Sunny that were out at the time. I had a few friends who highly recommended it and I figured this would be a good time to give it a shot. Once I started it I couldn't stop. I watched all 55 or so episodes in about a week and as soon as I got home I watched it all over again with my wife. Since then we've become huge fans and are constantly quoting or referencing the show. We even went so far as to make shirts for everyone going on the trip we planned last year to watch the shuttle launch identifying our roles in the "the gang." I'm The Brains, Shaun is the Wildcard, our friend Ricky is The Looks, our friend Josh is The Muscle and my wife is The Useless Chick. We filmed quite a bit of our trip and my wife did an amazing job editing it into something far more enjoyable than your standard vacation footage, but my favorite part? She did a cold intro (starting with a title card of the time and day) that lead into a parody of the Always Sunny title sequence complete with title card (The Gang Goes to a Shuttle Launch), landmark footage shot while driving and set to "Temptation Sensation" by Heinz Kiessling. It turned out almost too perfect.

Anyway, as I write this we're just a few hours away from trivia time at The Highball. We still don't have a team name, but we have been studying our asses off. We watched the entire series again (my wife only missed about 5 episodes of season 6 due to rehearsals) and I even tried making it through season 6 one more time and during each episode we recited the names of the landmarks shown in the opening credits (though my wife turned it into a game of how ridiculously she could twist up the landmark names). I read through the show's wikipedia and imdb pages as well as the main character's wiki and imdb pages. We even took some quizzes on Sporcle and I've been doing quite well at those. The only thing I didn't get to do that would have been good was to watch the DVD episodes with commentary and the Nightman Cometh live performance.

A few months ago we tried to go to the Arrested Development Geeks Who Drink pub trivia, but it was already full. I wish we had done it if only to have a clue as to what kinds of questions they might ask tonight, but we're going in blind. The wife and I did the Lost Geeks Who Drink pub trivia back when the series ended and it was a lot of random stuff, so even though I feel confident that I know the show I'm not totally confident I'll be prepared for the questions they're going to ask. I guess we'll know in a few hours.


Well, we just got home from the trivia contest. Saying we killed it might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I will say that we led the entire game and we won by 2 points. The questions were all about the show's plot lines and characters and there were surprisingly quite a few questions about things that we had made a specific point to remember

Our team consisted of me, my wife, Shaun and our friend Mandy, who's never seen an episode and just joined us for fun. We settled on the name "We Eat Stickers All the Time, Dude" about ten minutes before the quiz. We all had studied so well for it that I really feel if we had split into our own teams we would have easily held the top three spots. I know it's just a stupid pub trivia competition, but I have to say that I am honestly really proud of how well we did. I'm not much of a competitive person normally but this quiz definitely brought out that part in me. I was informed by Mr. John Smith that we were 3 questions (4 points) away from a perfect game and according to the official Geeks Who Drink blogs we tied one other team for most points at any of the quiz locations. I believe that officially makes us three of the most knowledgeable fans of the series in the nation.

We ended up walking away with $205 to split between us.

I think we're gonna buy a P. Diddy shrimping boat with it.

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Bad news. I guess not all the bars that were hosting the trivia had posted scores when I checked this morning. Another team from San Antonio had a score of 86, but I'm still damn proud of our performance. ALMOST WORLD CHAMPS, BITCHES!

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  1. That's right ALMOST WORLD CHAMPS! Also I can't wait to get on that boat and try out my P.Diddy boat dance! "This guy has some AMAZING moves!"