Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 141: Turkey Pot Pie!

It's the day after Thanksgiving, which is actually my favorite part of Thanksgiving. For one thing people stop giving up on their bullshit pretense to not notice that Christmas is right around the corner--my wife had three Christmas Spotify playlists and would listen to parts of songs, but not whole songs because it wasn't Christmas time yet--but more importantly the day after Thanksgiving means turkey pot pie!

The turkey pot pie after Thanksgiving is one of the few, and possibly only, food related traditions that I get excited about. Thanksgiving itself is just so-so. My wife makes some really great breakfast things for our movie trilogy tradition each year, but as far as traditional Thanksgiving food goes I don't really care. Turkey (except as a lunch meat or smoked drumstick) is usually dry and kind of flavorless and I've never put much stock in most of the side dishes. I enjoy the time off and hanging out with friends and family, but the eating part never did much for me. But every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving my wife buys premade pie crusts and fills them with leftover turkey, stuffing, carrots and gravy and makes the best pot pie ever. She says it's because all of the ingredients that go into the pie took so long to make as separate delicious dishes, but I don't care why it tastes so good. It just does.

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