Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 25: The Turtles Get Electric Powers

So for a while now I've been playing this game on my PS3, inFamous 2. It's awesome. If you haven't heard of the inFamous games the basic premise is an explosion goes off in the city and gives you--a kind of assholish bike messenger guy--electrical super powers. You can throw bolts of electricity, grind along electrified power lines and climb basically any structure using a combination of your character's love of parkour and an increased control over your own electromagnetism. I love the story line and the comic book style cut scenes. I even loved the main character's Batman-esqu comically gruff voice in the first one. inFamous was one of the few games to surprise me with the ending and I can't wait until I finish the sequel.

While playing inFamous 2 the other day I was inspired. What would it be like if the Ninja Turtles gained power over electricity? Well, I imagine it would look something like this. Donatello is obviously becoming drunk on his power, but I'm sure that will be overtaken by the desire to do good. Michelangelo is climbing a building after probably accidentally blowing himself off the roof with an electrical explosion. Rafael is channeling his powers to create a massive lightning storm (and posing like Raiden) and Leonardo is trying out his static thrusters which will enable him to glide through the magical use of electricity just like in the game. The last thing I want everyone to notice is the color of the electricity they're using. It's blue, which, if you've played the game, you know means they're all good guys. Bad guys get red lightning powers, good guys get blue, just in case you were wondering.

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