Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 55: The Ninja Turtles Are ZOMBIES!!!1!!1!

So my wife is in this play. It's a stage version of this one movie. Maybe you've heard of it? It's called Night of the Living Dead. It's about zombies and maybe Communism.

Three years ago while we were at breakfast with some friends she was flipping through our local free art publication and saw an ad for open auditions for a stage production of Night of the Living Dead. My wife is kind of a big drama nerd and she did a lot of theater in high school. She hasn't done any since then, but she decided that if she was going to get back into it this play would be the way to do it.

She went to auditions and she said it went pretty well, but she was still nervous waiting to hear back. Eventually she did get an e-mail offering here the part, except that it had someone else's name on the top. Being the perfectly normal person that she is my wife called me in a panic worrying about what this meant until I finally convinced her to e-mail the director back. Turns out the name was a mistake and she did get the part after all. Three years later we're both still a part of the theater company (me in a much less official and non-creative capacity) and my wife even designed their logo.

Halloween is always a big time for the theater company. They started with Night of the Living Dead in their first season, followed by Nosferatu the next year and then Servant Girl Annihilator, an original show based on the first recorded serial killer in America. Now they're taking it back to where it all started with a revised version of Night.

So it looks like I'll be having a few nights alone a week while rehearsals are on. It's time for some serious video-gaming, people.

In honor of the play starting up again I drew the Ninja Turtles after being caught in the zombie apocalypse. Donatello is the last one alive in his underground shelter. Being caught underground isn't really the best place in a zombie apocalypse, but at least it's secure for now and he's free to work on finding a cure. My zombie turtles are kind of messed up looking, but I guess that works for them being zombies. Michelangelo's dead with his head blown apart. Leonardo's missing his bottom jaw and spitting blood, and holding Raphael's severed arm. Raphael I actually kind of like. He's such a worried looking zombie, I feel bad that I chopped his arm off.


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