Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 29: Everything is Better With Wings

Today is another quick one. I started another post, but no time to finish it. Hopefully I'll post it tomorrow. Instead I came up with this. Basically I was thinking about how everything is better with wings and how awesome it would be if the Ninja Turtles had wings. Think about it. Put wings on a rat and what do you get? A bat. There are some cool rat-themed super heroes and villains (The Rat King, Ratfist, etc..) but Batman is better than all of them combined. Dinosaurs are cool, but give them wings and BOOM! dragons! Put wings on a person and you get an X-Man. Wicked.

I am a fan of putting wings on things. On Rock Bands 1 & 2 the logo for mine and my wife's band--The Snowy Buttons--was a zombie with wings. Rock Band 3 we changed it up to a winged cat head. My Call of Duty: Black Ops gamer tag? I took one of those Reservoir Dogs looking stencils, gave him wings and turned him into Harvey Birdman.

When I showed my wife the picture and explained the genesis of the idea she did not wholly agree.

Em: What is that?

Me: I put wings on him.

Em: Why?

Me: Because everything is better with wings.

Em: No it's not. How does that makes sense?

Me: Yeah, everything is better with wings. Mirabelle (our cat) would be way better with wings!

Em: If everything had wings can you imagine how many things would be pooping on us?

Me: No, we'll be above them.

Em: Not all the time.

Me: Well, we live in a house. Carry an umbrella. Small price to pay for wings.

Em: What if cows had wings? You know how heavy that poop would be? It would break your umbrella.

Me: Well, we'll keep cows tethered to the ground.

Em: Can you imagine a snake with wings? Or a spider with wings?! Fuck that, spiders don't need wings.


  1. What if you added wings to sandwiches? Huh, think abouts that. Couldn't enjoy a sandwich if it was flapping about

  2. Sure you could. It would flap up to your mouth and then you could play PS3 and eat a sandwich at the same time.

  3. I would love to have a live stream of Hampton commentary that I could tune into when I am feeling low. Shaun, get on that.