Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 31: The Ninja Turtles Get Abducted by Aliens

Ugh. I feel like drifting off into a food coma after eating way too much at a little get together with our friends. This will be a short update.

The wife and I decided a few years ago after watching the second (and pretty terrible) X-Files movie that we would like to go back and watch the series from beginning to end. 9 seasons makes for a long series and we only made it through the first season on Netflix before moving on. Now that they put X-Files on Netflix streaming we started up again a couple days ago. We're about 6 episodes into season 2 and it's pretty hilarious seeing David Duchovny from 17 years ago running around with a shoulder-padded-jacket-wearing Scully looking for aliens and other crazy creatures.

While we were watching an episode today about alien abduction I drew this. The way I figure it if the Ninja Turtles were abducted the aliens would have found them way too awesome to experiment on and instead would op to party with them on their ship. Leonardo is hanging out in their tractor beam ray and Michelangelo has a lamp shade on his head. I don't know why the lamp shade on the head became one of the international signs for a party in the 80's but I remember him doing it in one of the movies and thought it was funny.

Now it's back to another episode of the X-Files (this one's about vampires) before Breaking Bad starts.

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