Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 102: The Ninja Turtles Move Their Friends

Yesterday was moving day. Not for us. We're staying put for at least a little while longer. No, instead it was moving day for our friends Colt and Mandy! You may remember me mentioning Mandy once or twice on here. She occasionally helps me with bloggy things and to make my words work better when I need some help (I always need help, I just don't usually ask). Also she has a blog. It's sometimes about girl things, but often about awesome things. Check it out.... HERE!

Anyway, they moved into a new apartment yesterday. They're place was feeling a little small for them so they expanded and we helped! After Saturday night's late night birthday celebration we were a little slow moving, but we showed up around 8:40 and the coffee and donuts helped some. All I can say is at least I wasn't hung over. I was tired, but I can't imagine how my drunker companions must have felt.

Honestly, though, it wasn't that bad. We were moving them from a third floor apartment to another third floor, but the weather was nice if a little humid and we had a whole fleet of vehicles to start off with. The first trip was huge and we cleared out a lot of stuff. The second trip was a little smaller, but all of the big items had already made it over to the new place and there were just some odds and ends left. We enjoyed giving Mandy a hard time about all of her clothes and craft stuff because holy geez does she have a lot of craft stuff! Really, though I can't fault her. For one thing she makes some pretty sweet crafty things and at least it was all organized. Plus I'm pretty sure people are going to get tired of carrying boxes of my toys when we move.

All-in-all we got it done in two big trips and two small trips. Not too bad to finish everything off without the use of a trailer or moving van. We had some pizza for lunch and we chit-chatted about how they're gonna fix up the new place. Mandy's got an eye for interior design so I'm sure it'll look awesome.

After we got everything moved that needed to be moved my wife, Shaun and I left Mandy to the awesome job of unpacking and got some food before the premiere of The Walking Dead. While moving isn't my favorite thing to do it really wasn't a bad day. I'm all for helping out my friends and if nothing else at least I got an good workout for the day.

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