Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 108: Football Head

Today was football day. I mentioned previously about my wife being a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and me being a huge not-really-watching-much-football fan so we compromise by watching the games when we can and both rooting for the Steelers; her because she loves them and me because I don't want her to be in a bad mood all day. She says that's not really rooting for them with my whole heart and soul, but I say it is rooting with my whole heart and soul because if she thinks I don't care if she's in a bad mood after a loss she is sorely mistaken. Anyway, today the Steelers played the Arizona Cardinals which is always a big deal for us since we both lived in Phoenix and have several friends here that are Cardinals fans.

We met up with my brother, his girlfriend and our friend, Shaun, at a wing place called Pluckers near our house to watch the game. It was sort of one sided with the Steelers running all over the Cardinals which is fine by me. We had a good time hanging out and I drew this while we were sitting at the table. After I finished drawing it I was trying to decide which turtle to color it as and my wife offered an opinion.

Em: Umm... you could color his mask yellow like the Steelers' color.

Me: Nope, that's not a real turtle color.

Em: But it could be for this drawing because they're a fan of the Steelers.

Me: Sorry, can't do it. The best I can offer is to make it Michelangelo. That's as close to yellow as I can get.

Em: But it's not the same. Maybe you could make it say "Terrible Towel" or something.

Me: Not gonna happen.


  1. My heart is broken because neither of my boys are Dallas Cowboy fans. :(

  2. You could have made it red for the cards and raph