Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 93: Capes

You know what? Capes are awesome. And I don't mean like fashion capes that people used to wear, I mean like superhero capes.

OK, wait. I lied. All capes are awesome.

Same goes for cloaks, which are really just capes with hoods. If they came back in style I would wear that shit everywhere. I guess I could just wear one around now, but I live in Texas and it's mostly too hot for a cloak, plus I don't have the guts to walk around in something so bold. I like to deflect attention, not attract it.

If, however, you happen to be a superhero capes are a sweet and often useful addition to your wardrobe. Batman's cape hides his gadgets and has an infinite number of uses in addition to pretty much being the cornerstone of his costume. Spawn's cape is a living part of his body which makes it awesome and incredibly handy; like a much cooler version of a prehensile tail. Take that monkeys!

Of course there is a down side to capes. If you're not careful they can get in your way. We all know what happened to Dollar Bill. A lot of the more acrobatic super heroes leave the cape out of their costume designs, but that makes sense. If you're doing a whole lot of flipping and spinning you're bound to get tangled up in that thing. Besides, who has ever heard of a spider wearing a cape? It just doesn't make sense sometimes.

So here's my interpretation of the Turtles if their costumes had included capes or cloaks. I don't think it would have been a terrible idea, but living in the sewer those things probably would have started to get pretty nasty. Plus Michelangelo obviously has some issues working with his.

Shaun claims that capes would have been terrible and that they cover up the turtle's shells which kind of take the place of capes in their design. I guess he has a point saying they would get in the way of Don and Leo drawing their weapons, but still, fucking capes, man!

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