Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 109: Castle-angelo

Tonight is Monday. You want to know what the only reason to be excited by Monday is? Castle is on tonight. If you haven't seen Castle you're doing yourself a disservice. I'm ashamed to admit that we didn't start watching it until season 3. It's not that we weren't interested, we just didn't make time for it. Boy were we stupid.

Nathan Fillion plays the main character, Richard Castle, and I should make one thing clear to everyone: Anything Nathan Fillion does is worth watching. Anything. I would even watch his stint on One Life to Live if they re-aired it. On the short list of celebrities I wish I was real-life friends with Nathan Fillion is hanging out at the top.

OK, I'm done talking about Nathan Fillion, I promise, even though he's amazing and you should probably go watch everything he's done and then follow him on Twitter.

As a general rule I don't like cop/crime shows. The closest I have ever come to following a crime/law drama is watching X-Files or maybe Dexter. Luckily the rest of the cast is just as stellar as Mr. Fillion and they all make me wish they had more screen time.

Stana Katic is the hottest police detective on any TV show (and probably in real-life, too) and she plays a great straight-man to Fillion's antics. Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas as Detectives Ryan and Espisito are probably two of my favorite secondary characters on TV. They are maybe the only supporting characters I wouldn't mind watching an entire episode of. They do a good job playing a sort-of middle ground comic relief on a show where the main character is also the most ridiculous character, and they've both shown their acting chops in more serious episodes. Detective Ryan wins for household favorite, though, because my wife says he's so adorable in his suits and vests. She also loves that the actor that plays him in named Seamus, a name she's been championing as a name for our son (if we have one) since I've known her. Last but not least Molly Quinn plays maybe the cutest TV daughter in the history of TV. Following her on Twitter makes her seem an awful lot like her character, Alexis, in a good way of course.

While we watched the show I drew Michelangelo wearing Castle's custom-made "writer" bullet-proof vest. I picked Michelangelo because he's a comedian like Fillion, but I considered Donatello. Fillion (and Castle) are tech guys and Donatello's got a good sense of humor himself.

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