Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 12: Donatello Cooks Meth

Just to be clear I am NOT condoning the use of illegal narcotics. Neither is Donatello. He doesn't do it, or sell it. He just makes it. I do, however, condone one of my favorite shows returning to TV: Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is the most intense drama I've seen in a long time. The writing, directing and acting are all amazing and are far beyond most of what is on TV right now. If you haven't seen the show the premise is a Nobel Prize winning high school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with terminal cancer, so in an effort to cover his medical expenses and leave his family with some money he hooks up with a former student-turned-meth-manufacturer to cook his own "chemically pure" form of meth. It might sound like a great premise for a comedy, and while there are some humorous bits (very dark humor) it is definitely not intended to be funny.

About this picture I'd just like to say I don't know the first thing about cooking meth despite having watched all three seasons of the show. I do, however know that Donatello should be wearing a mask and probably a full body jumpsuit to protect from the fumes. My wife helped out a little with this one as well.

Me: Do you wanna see today's picture?

Em: Sure.

Me: I realized as soon as I started I made a mistake, though.

Em: *Looks at picture* What mistake?

Me: He should be wearing a respirator and overalls.

Em: No, he's OK. He's done with this batch, see? It's already blue crystals on the table behind him. That's just left over chemicals.

Me: Yeah, you're right. That sounds good. He's in the RV from the first season, can you tell?

Em: Yeah, but you know what it needs? Some bullet holes.

Me: Good idea! *Draws some bullet holes* Done. How do they look?

Em: Are those bullet holes?

Me: Yes.

Em: Are you sure it's not blue trash on the wall?

Me: ...

Em: I'm just kidding! They're very good bullet holes.

Me: Whatever.

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  1. I dig the drapes in the window, bro. Drapes are always the focal point to a decent, slightly above kelly blue book value RV