Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 7: The Ninja Turtles vs. Voldemort

I promised something magical and here it is. In case you are one of the uncool kids and didn't already know the last movie in the Harry Potter franchise opens tomorrow. That means midnight showings tonight for us hardcore fans. Today's drawing is a pretty simple concept: Ninja Turtles battling the greatest dark wizard of our time and his snake/secret lover. You may think this is a pretty one sided match-up. I mean the turtles had a hard enough time defeating shredder in a 4-on-1 battle on that rooftop all those years ago; how can they possibly stand up against someone with such incredible magic? Well I'll let you in on a little secret. Ninja Turtles have a racial bonus of 30% damage reduction from magic and a base saving throw of 14 versus spells (15 if the attack is from behind because of the shell). Meanwhile Voldemort only has a cursory knowledge of the martial arts at best and Nagini doesn't even have hands! It's really no contest. Dumbledore probably should have thought of this sooner instead of putting all of the world's hopes on the shoulders of one often-whiny teenager.

In all seriousness I am very excited for this movie, but I was not always a Harry Potter fan. I remember my younger brother reading the books, but I didn't think much about them. Even when a classmate of mine (in 11th grade) convinced me to read the first chapter of the first book I wasn't hooked. It took me finally watching the first movie with my brother (on a camping trip no-less) to convince me that maybe there was something to this Harry Potter nonsense. My wife (girlfriend at the time) was already a big fan and she told me I needed to read the books and catch up with the series, so I read the four that had been released at the time over the course of a few days which is pretty impressive considering I tend to read slowly. I don't remember seeing the second movie in theaters, but ever since number 3 we've been to every midnight showing. The wife and I attended the midnight book release for book 6 together and I even went to the midnight release for book 7 by myself when she was out of town. Nothing says "Harry Potter nerd" (and maybe "virgin") louder than a grown man attending the midnight release of a children's book by himself. And to be perfectly honest, I'm quite proud of that. The "Harry Potter Nerd" part, I mean, not the virgin part. That part isn't true, honest.

For even more Harry Potter awesomeness check out my good friend and actual blogger Mandy Murtis' blog Chocolate and Cream Cake.

And to see someone way more obsessed with Harry Potter than me visit Samar's--another good friend and real-life Hermione Granger--youtube channel.

P.S. Hey! I've been doing this for a week straight! That's about 5 more days than I expected. Only 358 more drawings to go.

P.P.S. Thanks to Mandy for helping me with my broken words.

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