Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 23: The Ninja Turtles Compete in the X-Games

This weekend marks the 17th year of the X-Games. I have some fond memories of watching when I was younger and wishing I could do some of the amazing things those athletes can pull off. I haven't watched much in the way of extreme sports in the last few years, but we've watched some of the coverage this year and so far there have been some highs, but a few disappointing lows. Friday night was supposed to be an amazing MotoX best trick competition, and while it was exciting to see someone land the first front flip it was a bit of a let down to see two of the main competitors get injured during their first runs. BMX and Skateboard Big Air were fun as always, but now I'm watching one of my favorite competitions--the Street Skate competition. It makes me want to start skating again even though I was never any good at it. Maybe it really just makes me want to play a skateboarding game. That seems much safer.

 The focus of today's picture is Donatello doing his Vert Skate run. He's pulling one of my all-time favorite skateboarding tricks, the Airwalk. All of the other turtles seem pretty excited for him and why not? Look at the height he's getting! Good luck winning X-Games Gold, Don.

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