Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 22: The Ninja Turtles Come Bearing Gifts to Wil Wheaton

I had a totally different post and picture ready to go in my head this morning, but then I logged onto Twitter and everything changed, because today... is Wil Wheaton's birthday.

To some of you that might be meaningless, and it's true that it doesn't directly influence my life, but I feel that as a fan I should pay homage to Mr. Wheaton as I have done on other significant days in the nerd world.

My personal opinion of Wil Wheaton went from "nothing" to "awesome" about a year ago when I saw him guest star in The Guild season 3. I loved his character and I couldn't help but feel like I'd seen him in something else before. A quick search on IMDB turned up a number of things I recognized him from including things like Stand By Me and Stark Trek: The Next Generation. I instantly remembered watching ST:TNG when I was younger and liking his character, Wesley Crusher, simply because we shared a somewhat uncommon name. Nowadays he's busy guest starring in some of my favorite shows.

His acting credits aside Wil Wheaton is also a constant source of entertainment for me through Twitter. He comes across as a genuinely nice person with an often biting and sometimes odd sense of humor, which suits me just fine. It's like reading tweets from a friend (who tweets a lot) and not the carefully constructed public tweets of a celebrity. Interested? You should be. Take a look.

Now let's talk about the picture for a minute, shall we? I had actually been thinking about doing a Wil Wheaton inspired picture for a couple of days, I just didn't think I'd be doing it so soon. Since it's his birthday I had the turtles bring him gifts. What do their presents contain? I'm afraid I can't answer that; They're for Wil, not you. Once again my poor ability to draw humans has resulted in tragedy, but it was an attempt made out of love. Wil is looking a little scary in his D20 shirt and sitting on a raised dais in the captain's chair from the starship Enterprise. I just hope whatever the turtles brought is pleasing to him. Chances are he's got a phaser hidden in that chair somewhere.

For more information on Wil Wheaton check out his blog located at

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  1. My Comic Con BF is totally worthy of Turtle adoration.