Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 14: Nerd News

Today's picture is maybe a bit of a cop-out, also it's a bit of promotional material for a friend's blog. I like it so much I've decided to give her the gift of my endorsement (again, I'm operating under the delusion that people other than my friends read this). With a link on my page soon she will be famous!

Seriously, though, Thursdays are cool for one reason: Nerd News on Chocolate & Cream Cake. Every Thursday my friend, Mandy Murtis, rounds up links to all the interesting nerdy goings-on from around the net along with some awesome artwork and other tidbits and posts everything so lazy people like me don't have to look this stuff up myself. The best part of the whole thing is that most weeks I get to pretend to be a reporter. If I stumble onto something I think might be worthy of Nerd News I send it to Mandy and I get credit on her blog. I recognition without really doing anything! If only it were a paying position. Most weeks this turns into a competition of sorts between me and a few others to see who can get the most mentions. I always win, of course.

So go forth, dear readers, and make Mandy Murtis and Nerd News famous!

One more time, in case you missed it:

Chocolate & Cream Cake

Update: I just read today's Nerd News and here is the current tally.

Mariel (Who?): 1
Shaun: 1 (pitiful)
Colt: 3 (not bad)
Me: 5! Well, technically there are only 4 mentions, BUT that Boba Fett movie was totally from me, so 5.


  1. I appreciate the plug! I will thank you in my eventual acceptance speech for World's Most Awesome Mandy. <3

  2. Erroneous! You stole the captain planet trailer from me!

  3. Sorry, Shaun. I don't believe I did. I messaged it to her well early in the week. You lose.

  4. I actually found the Captain Planet trailer by myself, but I gave it to Wes since he messaged it to me at basically the same time. (Them's the rules.)