Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 4: Eureka!

Today is kind of a special day. More so for some people than others. Today is the premier of season 4.5 of Eureka on Syfy. Now, maybe you don't think that warrants a special blog post or picture, but too bad, it's my blog and I do.

Eureka is something I was kind of tricked into loving. I started watching it out of mild curiosity and I needed something to watch while I did dishes, folded laundry or did other chores (I know, it's like I'm some sort of adult or something). I figured Eureka would be a goofy science fiction show with some cheesy gags, but I underestimated the writers and cast. I have since grown to be quite attached to the town and its residents to the point of becoming very depressed about the events that switched up the plot in the beginning of season 4.0. I love the show and I love that they're willing to take risks with the plot, but I genuinely feel bad for the characters and no amount of reasoning will tell my brain to stop.

Now, as for the picture it probably requires some explanation. For the uninitiated Eureka is a town full of the top minds in the world which can create some really ridiculous problems for the town's not-so-genius-but-still-really-street-smart sheriff. This picture shows an out of control magnetic field (fucking magnets!) adversely affecting our most beloved turtles. Donatello is safe because his weapon doesn't have any metal in it and because he's not anemic so he doesn't have to take iron supplements. Sheriff Carter, Jo Lupo, Fargo, Allison Blake and Henry all look on trying to reason out a solution which will be discovered near minute 56 of the show. Magnetism is my second favorite plot point to nit-pick after time travel and this show is chock full of examples of both.

I truly apologize to all of the actors I have depicted in this drawing. As you can see my ability to draw people is far less than my ability to draw Ninja Turtles. Just imagine that at 5 year-old draw the humans.

From left to right are Fargo pointing at (trying to poke?) Raphael. Allison Blake is about to make what I would assume to be a very important call about the magnets. Carter is questioning Donatello (who clearly doesn't know what happened). Jo Lupo is taking notes for some sort of security report. Henry is taking readings of some kind since he will likely solve this problem by himself.

I also included perhaps my favorite set piece in the show. Just to the right of Donatello is one of the Global Dynamics color coded maps that appear in every lab. They are awesome and I have been assured are not for sale. If anyone from the show ever reads this please note that I accept gifts and am willing to trade artwork.

P.S. OH NO! I accidentally ripped the paper while pulling it off the spiral binding. Just pretend that it's a rip in the space-time continuum or something. That actually kinda makes sense for this picture.

P.P.S. I posted an "About Me" section; just click the link at the top. I am actually not that happy with how it turned out and have been brainstorming ways to improve it, but I'll leave this stupid version up for now if you're curious.

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